legal services in bulgariaTo implement successful business activity in Bulgaria, one needs to have excellent knowledge of the effective legislation and to follow continuously the amendments and supplements introduced thereto. Our team consists of highly qualified specialists, who will render legal assistance in all matters arising and help you avoid subsequent court costs and any unfavourable consequences for you or your company.


The main areas of specialisation are disputes on different types of contracts, for property, succession, family law, proceedings under the Protection against Domestic Violence Act, proceedings under the Consumer Protection Act and the Competition Protection Act, labour law, tax law, commercial law, contract law, administrative law, private international law, maritime law, copyright and related rights, enforcement procedure, arbitration disputes, assistance in obtaining Bulgarian citizenship by descent, obtaining long-term residence in the Republic of Bulgaria by a foreign national, proceedings in the European Court of Human Rights, etc.


Normally, at least two lawyers work on the law cases of our clients, and this does not make our services more costly. The cases of our clients are reviewed and discussed at weekly meetings, and if necessary more frequently, by more lawyers, where each of them gives their opinion and recommendations to the leading lawyer in the proceeding (case). The aim is to perform a full and comprehensive analysis, to apply our experience and practice in the solution of disputes for maximum protection of the rights and interests of our clients.


The established mode of work in our company guarantees confidentiality and efficiency in conducting the proceedings, as well as availability of current information on their course. The lawyers and the lawyers’ associates check the progress of the legal proceedings of our clients in the registrars’ offices at the courts on a weekly basis, regardless of the receipt of a subpoena or a notification from the court. Thus, we aim at timely, professional and precise preparation of the documents for the court and organisation of the client’s defence.


Law Practice